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If you want to make choices, get a new electric garage door opener, learn how to deal with everyday garage door problems or how to choose a new door, read our tips first. We offer a plethora of ideas, suggestions and advices. Follow our tips and you will be perfectly alright. Accurate tips on garage door repair. Giving you the information that is useful at all times.

Do a balance test of your automatically opened garage door on a regular basis

To do a balance test, close your garage door and turn off the automatic opener.  Try to open your garage door by lifting it up manually. The door should remain open after opening. If you are not able to open your garage door smoothly and without difficulty, contact our company for more information.

Do a monthly inspection of garage doors

Do a monthly visual inspection on the garage doors to make sure that it is still in good working condition. Experts at Garage Door Repair El Sobrante suggest that doing a monthly inspection will let homeowners know of the impending problems or possible loose ends that need immediate fixing; hence avoiding major problems in the end.

Don't let garage door noises upset you

Loud noises coming from the garage door parts are annoying but they may also be the warning of serious problems. Our garage door company in El Sobrante can tell you whether there's a problem that might compromise your safety but you must also lubricate the components.

Make safety your priority

Damaged garage door parts and poorly maintained electric garage systems can become a threat to your safety. Springs and cables snap and must be replaced before that. Malfunctioned sensors won't protect you. Garage Door Repair El Sobrante recommends regular maintenance and weekly testing of the opener sensors.

Never let children play with the door

Children should not be allowed to play with the garage door operating system or the door itself. You must teach your children to never run, stand, or play under any garage door. You should not let your children play or stay under a moving door too.

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