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Garage Door OpenerWhen you drive through your neighborhood, how many garages do you see? You probably see a lot of them, because garages are popular with most of the people in the community. They add a lot to a property. They are not only a place to park your car, but also extra storage space and even a place to hang out doing crafts. Our Garage Door Co in El Sobrante understands how important garage doors are, and this is why we do all that we can to keep your garage doors running smoothly. Our garage door company/contractor offers every garage door service that you can think of. We are the finest in Sobrante because we care about our customers. One garage door service that we provide is with garage door openers. We even supply these openers. We have Sears, Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Marantec, and Chamberlain openers. We will replace, install, or do garage door opener troubleshooting. The drives for these openers can be:

  • Chain Drive- Most common, quite noisy but least costly
  • Screw Drive- Next step up, less noisy, a bit more costly
  • Belt Drive- Extremely quiet, but most expensive.

Our garage door company also carries garage door remotes that work with the openers.  Remotes are great because they mean you don’t have to leave your car to operate your garage door. Our Garage Door Co in El Sobrante has these remotes for sale, too. We’ll install these systems for you and teach you how they work, as well as how to fix small issues should they arise. We’ll also repair them for you if the time ever comes. We carry:

  • Genie Intellicode – has rolling code technology for safety and security. This technology is amazing, because every time you open your garage door, the code changes so it can’t be broken or copied by a criminal.
  • Liftmaster Security + - another remote with rolling code technology.
  • Multi Code – lets you be on a few different frequencies at once.
  • Clicker – considered the one true universal garage door remote.

Garage door maintenance/adjustments is a service that we recommend to all of our customers. Garage doors need to be maintained as much as, say, your car does.

24/7 availability for genie intellicode remote services.

There are things that need to be done to help prevent major repairs to be needed. These are things that a homeowner may feel comfortable doing on their own, but if you really want to protect your garage doors, then you need a professional like us at our Garage Door Co in El Sobrante to do it for you. Our experts can go over every part and see if there are any issues that are starting. We can fix them before they get out of hand. We can also do regularly maintenance lubrication.

Have you had your garage door for years, or have you moved into a new place and the garage door is cracked? Well, call us at our Garage Door Co in El Sobrante and we can come and install a new door for you. We can even replace any broken garage door windows. It does not matter what kind of garage door you are looking for–we will have it. We carry a wide choice of aluminum garage doors, wooden garage doors, Craftsman doors, steel doors, and we even have the ever-so-popular glass garage doors. Call us and ask about our garage door replacements/installations service.

The importance of electric garage door openers is undeniable. Our company offers opener services for years and knows the amazing value of these devices. It's not surprising that electric garage operators make progress with such amazing speed! Their strong motors, modern features and the plethora of accessories contribute to the convenience of people. Most accessories play a great role to the enhanced safety of the garage door and that's why Genie opener repair is important. It's also important for people to prevent problems and accidents by trusting our company for Liftmaster service. Preventive opener services are always a great idea!

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