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The Beauty of Glass Garage Doors

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

Glass garage doors are among the contemporary designs for garage doors. They are trendy and have become popular. They are also called full view doors and were first seen at commercial applications. The material makes it easy to see items inside the garage and cuts down on electricity consumption since sunlight enters the room. The same advantages are what make these doors popular for homes these days. They have improved aesthetically and are matched with wooden, metal or aluminum frame.The Beauty of Glass Garage Doors

Contrary to the common belief that glass is not durable, experts from garage door repair El Sobrante assert that glass does not compromise the door’s durability. The commonly used material for the frame is aluminum, specifically anodized aluminum that has low corrosion properties. It is ideal for places with extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it has high tensile quality and is low-maintenance. The frame can also be stained and painted to perfectly match the home’s style. It helps to view a glass garage gallery to see all the available designs.

What are your Choices?

If you do not like the idea of an increased entry of sunlight into your garage, you can alter the amount of sun penetration. Retailers could offer options for the glass type to use. You can choose tinted or frosted glass for the garage to not be so visible from the outside, so you can still have your privacy and protect your security. Clear glass is an option if you are particular about low glass garage doors cost. Expensive yet trendy options include hammered and reeded glass. Glazed glass also belongs to the selection.

Glass garage doors give you the opportunity to present the door in countless options in terms of customizing the design. The aluminum frame can be altered for a different look. Panels can also be crafted into various shapes and customized to accommodate designer garage door openers. Concealed door opening systems can be considered, as well as a uniquely shaped security bars.

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