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How to Keep your Garage Door Clean

10/03/2013 Back To Blog

There are many durable garage doors today and if you drive throughout the neighborhoods of El Sobrante, you will realize that homeowners spend a lot of money for their purchase and installation. In spite of that, many of them are full of stains and dirt, which does not only damage the house’s aesthetics, but can create several problems in terms of the good operation of many garage door parts.

Clean well the door

Cleaning the door’s surface is easy because you can use water, an ordinary detergent and a sponge, which must be soft in order to avoid hurting the material and color of the door. What needs your utmost attention is the ground underneath the door that must be clean from little rocks, leaves or other elements and garbage. It’s also very important to check the condition of the bottom seal and replace it if it’s worn. It can be damaged easily if it comes in contact with rocks, for example, and it must be in perfect shape because it keeps elements and water from entering your garage.

You must also be very careful with the mechanical parts. When you clean the garage door springs, for instance, you must remove carefully the dust, but lubrication maintenance will also allow them to work better.

Remove the dusty objects from the garage

Before you start cleaning the openers and the other parts of the mechanism, it would be better to complete the necessary garage door repair service. You can take technical advices from Garage Door Repair El Sobrante and you can find excellent tools in many stores in California.

There are many old objects in most garages that accumulate dirt and dust. It would be an excellent idea to distinguish which ones you really need or want to keep and throw the rest away. You should tidy the ones you keep away from the door because if a heavy object falls on the garage door tracks, for example, the door would be blocked

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